WHO is this site about?

Welcome to the website of Walter Bibikow!

I am a travel photographer based in Boston, MA, USA supplying destination imagery to many of the world's leading stock photo agencies as well as directly licensing my images to photo buyers worldwide. Take a few minutes to look at a small selection of my collection and also check out my up to date list of locations that have been photographed by me.

I love to travel, and have been doing so for over 30 years with a camera in tow. Traveling an average of 5-6 months per year ,I try to spend as much time as necessary to bring back a feeling of the places I visit . Often this means going back to a place a number of times to capture it in the best light or visiting it again during different seasons. Understanding the needs of my clients, I also try to cover each location in several ways. I know that travel editors see things differently from advertising art directors and take this into account when assembling my collection!

Good research is key in getting a good selection of images and I photograph lots of different subjects. I am sure that you will find everything from the famous to the obscure in my files. Currently working digitally, the images on this site are available in a variety of either film or digital formats.

Please remember that all of these images are my copyrighted property and represent how I make my living. Bad things will happen if any of them are used in an unauthorized manner! I hope you enjoy your time on this site and I look forward to working with you as a client!

Walter Bibikow